So this guy walks into a U.S. Customs office…..

It was all I could do to keep from spewing my coffee all over my monitor this morning while reading this story this morning.

OK so let me get this straight, a guy was crossing into the U.S. via the U.S./Canada border in Maine, is found to be carrying (get this) a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, brass knuckles and a chain saw stained with what appeared to be blood. AND, here is the best part, THEY LET HIM IN THE COUNTRY!


Surprisingly they later found a decapitated body, and his live-in girlfriend stabbed to death in this guy’s home in Canada.

The excuse, as to why they let this guy in the country, was that they don’t have a crime lab to check if it was really blood, and he didn’t have any outstanding warrants anywhere.

Now listen to me very carefully Mr. customs agent/border patrol/idiot. You have one job that we pay you well for. That is to keep the bad guys out. This guy had, count with me please:

1. A homemade sword, not a collectible or pretty sword, but a HOMEMADE sword. I know you have been to 2,342 classes on how to spot a suspect, but maybe they need to add HOMEADE sword to the list of suspicious items. Now, albeit I am not a professional border patrol agent, but I would think that any guy carrying a HOMEMADE sword trying to cross into the U.S. might set off some sort of suspicion on your part.

2. A hatchet, yes a hatchet. Was he an aspiring lumberjack? or maybe used it to shave with. COME ON?!?

3. (This is the best one) A chainsaw, with what appeared to be “blood” on it. Maybe he was on a hunting trip, right Mr. Moron? He likes to impersonate Jason and run through the woods with only a chainsaw chasing deer. Yeah that’s it.

No crime lab? That is your excuse? Could you not have the local police check it?

Well Mr. Customs Agent/Jackass. I know that I can sleep better now knowing that my family is safe from folk that are trying to kill us, because you are on the job.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

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