Sexy iPad 2 cover

I have an iPad. I think it’s a great device, but the Apple case that Apple sold with the first iPad was ok at best. I stopped using it because it was so damn hard to keep clean. So when the iPad 2 was announced I was pleased that they came up with a new case/cover design for it with the Smart Cover. However, could they have used a more ugly ass color to feature? That baby blue one they keep featuring is downright hideous.

For those of you that know me, you know that I like to work with wood, or at least try to. So in my opinion this new wood iPad 2 cover, from a Holland – based company called Miniot, is down right sexy. It comes in a variety of woods and it’s about the same $70 as the ugly ass case that Apple is making.

YouTube video after the break. Enjoy!


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