Have I got a Brydge for you

20130118-153425.jpgSometimes the best stuff at CES is not even part of the show. I happened to run into Sam Gordon while taking a break outside the chaos that is CES. Sam is the co-creator of a great Kickstarter project that has been fully funded and are now in full production. This keyboard case is bar none the best keyboard case I have ever tried. It feels great to type on it and it counterbalancing ensure that your iPad does not tip over like other cases I have tried. The iPad kind of looks like a MacBook Air when closed.

There are two versions including an aluminum (actual aluminum not aluminum colored plastic) and a black polycarbonate version. I really liked the look and feel of the aluminum version. I kind of wish I had one right now since I have been doing all of my posting and video editing using my iPad due to an unfortunate dead laptop. For more info and ordering information go to their website at www.thebrydge.com/.

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