One Sexy Printer

LDB_2072Ok folks, this is one bad ass printer. This is the new Canon Pixma pro 100. I was blown away by the image quality of this thing. Not only does it have terrific print quality it’s fast too, it will print a 11″x14″ in about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Beyond that it will print as large as 13″x19″ full bleed (as seen in photo), had Ethernet and wireless capability including AirPrint, and will even print on CD and DVD (who still writes CD’s?).

One of the biggest complaints about it’s predecessor (the Pixma 9000) was the fact that it didn’t print black and white very well. Well I can tell you they have fixed that problem with this version. 3 of the 8 inks this printer uses are grays and black to really give you terrific black and white prints. It uses ChromaLife 100+ inks that are estimated to last 100 years in an album without fading (who uses albums anymore?). At $499 I think it’s a great printer at a great price.

For more information on this printer go to their website by clicking here.

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