Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite.  (graphic illustration provided by the US Air Force)

When you think about military threats, chances are you think about land, air and sea. These tangible domains have been the source of battles and conflicts for centuries. In the 1960s, we added space to the line-up. The Cold War introduced a new era of space exploration, opening us up to the stars and beyond.

Then, in the last few decades, we added a new domain. A different domain. A man-made one.


Here’s where it gets interesting. Threats are truly increasing in both the space and cyberspace domains. Budgets are decreasing and our dependence on both of these domains has never been higher. So when the stakes are high and the threats are increasing, who do we turn to for answers?

General William Shelton addressing the audience at the Air Force Association’s Air and Space Conference. (Photo provided by the Defense Media Activity)

The guy in charge of protecting us in those arenas, of course.

General William L. Shelton is the Commander of the Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. According to his bio, he is ‚Äúresponsible for organizing, equipping, training and maintaining mission-ready space …read more

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