By now you’ve all probably seen the video that is currently making its way around the web claiming to show how easy it is to fool the Touch ID sensor on the new iPhone 5s. In it, a shaky-handed individual uses what appears to be a thin film of some sort to trick his phone into thinking he was using his correct finger, when in fact he wasn’t. It’s important to note that we’re still waiting on the video showing the actual process — which is obviously the more important part — but for the moment we’ll give the videos creators the benefit of the doubt.

Easy? Ha!

Certain corners of the tech blogosphere are reporting this as an “easy” trick, and even the original posting on the Chaos Computer Club website refers to the trick being pulled off “using easy everyday means.” Again, assuming this trick is legitimate, let’s take a look at the list of items are required to pull it off:

  • A perfect print (on a reasonably flat and clean surface) from the correct finger needed to unlock the device.
  • Superglue (which must be fumed to allow adherence to the print itself).
  • A high-quality digital camera capable of — For more information read the original article here.

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