Cadillac’s Electric Answer To Tesla’s Model S Is About To Hit The Market

cadillac elr detroit auto show naias 2013

In January, Cadillac will begin selling its first electric car for a base price of $75,995. That luxury price makes it a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model S.

So how does the plug-in hybrid ELR compare with the all-electric Model S?

In terms of styling, the ELR is similar to the Cadillac CTS, ATS, and XTS sedans. That’s a good thing — we like all those cars.

Running on electricity and gasoline, its range should exceed 300 miles, which matches the Model S (though Tesla uses only electric power).

Both cars come with various luxury bells and whistles, plus the promise of good service and a solid warranty.

The cheapest Model S starts for $71,070, not including a $7,500 federal tax credit. GM anticipates that the ELR will also qualify for that credit, which depends on IRS certification.

Without getting behind the wheel of each, we can’t make a final call. But right now, we’d buy the Model S — if only because it is widely recognized as a remarkable, revolutionary vehicle, and the ELR is unproven so far.

So why the Tesla-level price tag for the Cadillac entry? It’s especially surprising given that in August, GM slashed the — For more information read the original article here.

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