In The Age Of Twitter, Do We Need Oracle? Larry Ellison Isn’t Sure

Twitter is off to a roaring start this week, closing 70% higher than its IPO price on its first day of trading. This bodes well for Twitter investors, but it may not do any favors to the traditional technology vendors that have minted billions servicing enterprise IT requirements. After all, while Oracle and other technology incumbents like to boast about how “the top five of five mega banks rely on our technology,” in the age of the web giants, the scorecard looks more like “Zero out of all web companies depend upon our technology.”

Are we seeing a changing of the technology guard?

Modern Data Infrastructure: Hadoop And Beyond

According to Cowen & Co. analyst Peter Goldmacher, the answer is “Yes.” While new technologies like Hadoop in some cases simply sustain legacy technology businesses, there is a whole class of applications enabled by such modern data infrastructure that is beyond the legacy vendors. In true Innovator’s Dilemma fashion, they simply make too much money sustaining yesterday’s application workloads to be able to invest fully in modern applications. Quoting Goldmacher at length:

The legacy providers of data management systems have all fallen on hard times over the last year or two, and while many — For more information read the original article here.

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