Daily iPhone App: TimeShutter helps you capture the same image over time

I enjoy taking photos of things as they change over time — the leaves on a small tree, a building as it’s being built or my children’s faces. The most challenging part of this process is making sure you get the same shot each time. Inevitably, I take multiple shots at different distances with different angles and lose the continuity of the shot. I recently stumbled upon TimeShutter, which helps you keep that consistency between each photo.

TimeShutter is a simple app, but it is effective. The app has a basic camera UI with one important difference — it has a guideline that is lifted from your last photo or a photo that you choose. It is this guide that is the key to the app’s ability to reproduce the same photo over and over again.

All you have to to do to take the next photo in your series is line up the guides from the previous photo and snap away. You can adjust the opacity of the guidelines, allowing you to be as precise as you need. There is also a reminder feature so you don’t forget to take your photo on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. — For more information read the original article here.    

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