FCC’s Wheeler tells Silicon Valley what it wants to hear

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The new FCC Chairman was quick to assure Silicon Valley Thursday that he’s on board with an open internet, would consider an experimental approach to the tough issue of the transition from copper to IP networks and is in favor of freeing up more licensed and unlicensed spectrum. In short, Tom Wheeler gave his audience mostly what they want to hear in a speech at the Computer History Museum.

The Chairman’s office released a copy of his speech ahead of the event, and in the speech Wheeler again referenced the new Sponsored Data plan by AT&T where companies can pay a consumer’s data charges on select content. Om Malik called the plan double-dipping and harmful to innovation, while Stacey was less concerned with its ability to harm consumers and startups in the long term. Plus, it doesn’t appear to be a network neutrality violation under the current rules the FCC issued back in Dec. 2010, which are now before the courts.

Tom Wheeler (right) with President Obama

Wheeler struck the right notes on this issue, especially given the strain of libertarianism that’s rampant in the Valley. He said:

The necessity for these policies and the wisdom of case-specific approaches to — For more information read the original article here.    

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