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The first Mac Pro reviews are in, and it truly does deserve the title of “fastest Mac ever.”

Of course, it’s hard to express to average users why a computer that starts at $2,999, even with all of the fastest internals and a revolutionary form-factor, is worth it for anyone.

Your average person doesn’t have any software that demands two dozen cores and two graphics cards. Most have no idea what it means to “edit and render 4K video.”

What they do know is Pixar. Since the mid-90s, the animation studios has wowed audiences around the globe with its beautiful computer generated imagery, commonly referred to as CGI.

When the Mac Pro was recently discussed on developer Marco Arment’s Accidental Tech Podcast, the three hosts briefly discussed a presentation at Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference, in which an artist at Pixar demonstrated how the company uses Apple’s powerful new computer to do work in real time that would have taken hours on a traditional computer.

Below, Business Insider has taken screenshots from Apple’s official recording of the event (which developers can find on their site by searching for “Painting The Future”) to demonstrate — For more information read the original article here.    

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