How You Can Stop RadiumOne From Tracking Your Browsing History And Showing You Ads

While RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal has dominated the news recently, you may not know how his his now-former ad targeting company works.

RadiumOne can track your browsing history using cookies and then deliver ads to you based on the sites you visit. That’s how the company makes money.

It’s pretty easy if you want to stop RadiumOne from tracking you though.

Here’s how to do it.

First, head to RadiumOne’s opt-out page. Next, click “Opt Out.”

radiumone opt-outOnce you have successfully opted out, you’ll see the following confirmation screen.

radiumone opt outA lot of people in the tech industry are angry because Chahal allegedly beat his girlfriend last summer, but the company has only recently responded. On Sunday, RadiumOne announced the firing of Chahal, effective immediately.

That news came just a few hours after Chahal wrote a blog post saying he did not beat his girlfriend 117 times as reports have alleged. In it, Chahal said his girlfriend was having sex with other people for money and that’s why he lost his temper.

Even though Chahal is out of the company, he still reportedly has equity in it.

The scandal comes at a less than ideal time for RadiumOne, which is expected to file for an IPO by the end of next year. RadiumOne is reportedly planning a $100 million IPO.

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