Here’s The Top LinkedIn Tip From Its VP of Mobile

Joff Redfern, LinkedIn’s VP of mobile, has been at the company for almost five years.

In that role, he’s been responsible for overseeing the development of LinkedIn’s many apps and growing the social network’s mobile visits to nearly 45% of its total traffic.

Naturally, he’s a LinkedIn whiz, and in a recent interview he shared his favorite tip for members.

“If you don’t follow any LinkedIn Influencers, you should,” he writes. “They are some of the top influencers in the world writing on a variety of topics. Be sure to check out the comments because they are often filled with the hidden gems. The comments are written by everyday professionals who have a perspective that is often as eye opening as the thought leaders. A couple suggestions of people I follow are Jeff Weiner (not because I’m sucking up, but because he’s talented), Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital and Angela Ahrendts of Apple.”

Redforn also shared the fact that for his first four years at LinkedIn, he had a 250-mile commute each way. He put over 110,000 miles on his car, just going back and forth from work, which is equivalent to driving around the world more than four times.

“It gave me lots of time to think,” he writes. “And one of the benefits is that I’m pretty awesome at driving in the snow.”

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