Facebook’s New App Lets You Make Calls From Your iPad (FB)

Facebook Messenger has arrived for iPad.

Messenger is Facebook’s communication hub, allowing users to send messages, voice recordings, and media to their Facebook friends.

Interestingly enough, a new useful feature even lets you make voice calls to other messenger users.

We gave the feature a test drive, and we discovered you can make voice calls over Wi-Fi and even over cellular if you have a data plan. (Warning: If you make the call over cellular, it’ll count against your data plan.)

Here’s how it works.

You can download Facebook Messenger for iPad here.

After signing in, you’ll be brought to the home screen, where you can start a new conversation or browse past message threads.

To make a voice call, compose a new message or tap on one of your previous conversations.

Next, tap the phone icon in the top left corner.

Facebook Messeger for iPad

In order for a Facebook friend to receive the call, they’ll need to have Messenger too.

If you have headphones with an integrated mic, you (thankfully) won’t have to hold your iPad up to your face.

Here’s how it looks when you ring a friend.

Facebook Messeger for iPad

After the call, Messenger logs the call into your chat thread.

You can also tap the microphone icon to record a snippet of a voice message.

Facebook Messeger SKITCH

After making a voice call, you can also rate the call and send the information back to Facebook.

Facebook Messenger for iPad

You can also tap the ‘Like’ icon to send a Facebook Like via Messenger.

To bring up emoji, just tap the smiley icon.

Facebook Messeger for iPad Skitch

The nice thing about Facebook Messenger is that if you the app installed on your iPhone, Messenger automatically rings both devices, so you can receive calls from whichever is closest.

The best part? Since voice calling works over both cellular and Wi-Fi, you’ll never miss a call.

You can download Facebook Messenger for iPhone and iPad here.

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