The U.S. Postal Service hasn’t yet killed off its Saturday mail deliveries, but Netflix has ceased delivering its DVD-by-mail orders on Saturdays, according to its website.

A few disgruntled Netflix customers noted the streaming service quietly stopped delivering DVDs on Saturdays, switching to a standard five-day-a-week plan. According to the company’s website, “Netflix generally processes shipments Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.”

Netflix DVDs that would have arrived Saturday will now be delivered on Monday.

This move also delays when users could watch a movie and send it back for their next one. Customers will now have to mail their DVDs back earlier to ensure they receive new ones in time for the weekend, according to the Associated Press.

Many Netflix subscribers probably won’t mind, or even notice the difference, as the number of Netflix customers using the DVD-by-mail service is dwindling. At the beginning of this year, Netflix had 8.2 million DVD subscribers. By comparison, Netflix had 27.1 million streaming subscribers in the U.S. at that time.

The move could make Netflix more profitable, especially if the USPS follows through with its proposed plan to shift to five days of delivery each week instead of six. Netflix customers would be paying the same monthly price to watch fewer DVDs.

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