There’s a video going around that claims to know what women really want — manservants.

The jist is that hiring strippers to make a woman feel good isn’t just cliche, it’s plain uncomfortable.

So the video pivots from a woman disgusted by the male junk being thrust in her face to a team of handsome men, all dressed in tuxedos.

That’s essentially what ManServants aims to provide: good looking men you can order around.

TechCrunch reporter Sarah Buhr spent some time with a Manservant named Fabio. Here’s how she described it:

The men do things like serenade you with Disney songs, paint your toenails, take Instagrams of you and your friends, throw doves out when you arrive, fill up your glass of champagne, or act as a general bodyguard against pretend paparazzi. “Some women even want to be proposed to over and over in public,” says Wai Lin. Women have fantasies about the opposite gender just like men do. Though she also adds that men hire the men servants, too. A couple hired a whole flock of them to stand there and look pretty during a gay wedding a couple of weeks back.

ManServants can make $80 an hour or $300 a day to do things like “serve drinks, light cigarettes, take Instagram photos, and feed grapes.”

When might you need a ManServant? Anytime, really. ManServants gives a few examples on their website: bachelorette parties, girls night out, and a pool party needing a cabana boy, to name a few.

ManServants is expected to launch this fall. Check out their video:

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