This Laser Can Create 3D Holograms In The Daylight

If you’ve seen “Star Wars,” chances are you’ve seen the futuristic hologram projectors that create three-dimensional images in the air.

While we’re still far from seeing a person projected onto thin air, a new holographic display from Japanese firm Aerial Burton is getting closer, according to

Aerial Burton’s display is incredibly promising thanks to its ability to project three-dimensional images onto thin air using highly focused pulse lasers.

While similar methods have worked in water and fog in the past for a more detailed image, Aerial Burton’s technology doesn’t require water, mist, or fog, meaning you can see its holographic projections using air as the medium.

Here’s how it works.

The machine uses a 1kHz pulse laser and sends the laser through a 3D scanner, which reflects and focuses the laser onto an exact place in the air above. The laser ionizes the air’s molecules in that specific spot, which results in the flashes of light that make up each point.

laser hologram GIF

For now, Aerial Burton’s display is “low resolution,” meaning it’s capable of only basic shapes, but the team is working on finding a way to create more-complex images while using air instead of fog, which is tougher since air is far less dense.

Aerial Burton is hoping to market its technology to be used during emergencies, as the highly visual holographic display could alert citizens and potentially direct them to safety. The team is also hoping to shrink the laser technology necessary so it fits inside of a car, allowing it to stay mobile.

You can see more the new display in action in the video below:

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