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Apple today was awarded a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that concerns a new type of digital stylus that translates a user's handwritten note into a digital version when connected to a smartphone, tablet, or any "digital computing device" (via Apple Insider).

The patent also details various exchangeable tips for the stylus, including actual ink, markers for a whiteboard, or a rubberized nub akin to most popular tablet styli. The stylus activates when various motion-sensing hardware, including accelerometers, detects when the pen is picked up out of its dock, pressed to a writing surface, or simply turned on manually.

Thanks to motion sensors able to detect a 3D plane, the stylus uses an initial zero point to transmit the movement and flow of handwriting as varying changes in position to the desired computing device. This technology also means an actual surface isn't needed to transmit data -- simply writing notes in the air would suffice. The patent even details ways for users to choose how the data is transmitted, including continuously or at chosen intervals, allowing battery life to be preserved.

As noted by Apple Insider, there are many practical solutions for Apple's new patent. The pen allows a user to display their writing on multiple displays, a possible solution for work meetings and classrooms. It could also be a digital solution for note-taking, as the user would take notes with the pen on a paper tablet, and a digital copy would be sent to a phone or tablet tucked away in a bag. The automatically produced digital backup could then be more easily edited and shared.

The patent isn't exactly new, being initially filed nearly five years ago in January of 2010, and is by no means a confirmation that Apple will be moving forward with a smart stylus of any kind. But, like most patents, it is an interesting glimpse into what possibilities the company is looking into for the future.

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A rash of credit and debit card fraud cases have been tracked back to accounts that were all used at various Chick-Fil-A locations around the US. The fast food restaurant joins the ranks of retailers with point of sale security issues. This particular breach appears to have run from December of 2013 to September of 2014....

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Forget gaming PCs. Forget Doom on an ATM . Forget Super Smash Bros. on a graphing calculator . The only game worth playing is Quake on an oscilloscope. I mean, holy crap would you look at this thing? It's as nerdy as it is awesome.


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NSA headquarters Fort Meade night Wikicommons Trevor Paglen

Those looking to avoid the National Security Administration's prying eyes have new ammunition thanks to Edward Snowden. A report in Der Spiegel has revealed which programs regularly deter the NSA and which ones pose no threat.

According to the report, the NSA was still having trouble deciphering several different types of encryption in 2012. One NSA document reported “major problems” following subjects who used the Tor network to browse the Web anonymously. Other difficulties included cracking PGP encryption, OTR chat encryption, encrypted email providers like Zoho, instant messaging service CSpace, and voice-over IP service ZRTP. The best way to thwart the NSA, apparently, is to use a combination of the above, which results in a “near-total loss/lack of insight to target communications, presence,” the document said.

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However, the NSA does not find every service so formidable, the documents revealed. The NSA can easily monitor Facebook chats and decrypt the Russian mail service "” Virtual private networks also seem defenseless; one of the documents described a process by which the NSA would survey 20,000 supposedly secure VPN connections per hour.

Security experts agree that the most disturbing part of the report is the fact that the NSA has found a way to circumvent HTTPS, which secures connections between websites and browsers. HTTPS is used to authenticate a website and protect against eavesdropping, but now its true security needs to be called into question. The document outlined the NSA's plans to intercept 10 million HTTPS connections per day.

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Even more alarming is that, since this report describes the NSA's efforts in 2011, it is possible that the organization has far exceeded its abilities since then. We know for sure that authorities—possibly including the NSA—are now able to decipher Tor decryption. What the report really reveals is that we're not as safe from anyone's prying eyes as we thought.

Photo of NSA headquarters by Trevor Paglen

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The controversial Sony comedy "The Interview" has pulled in $15 million in online sales and another $2.8 million in theaters since its Christmas Day release.

To help promote the North Korea-centered movie even further, stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, along with Rogen's cowriter and codirector Evan Goldberg, live-tweeted the film Sunday night, and they were not shy.

The trio even offered some insight into how they portrayed Kim Jong Un and North Korean culture.

Read some of the best tweets from the tweet-a-long below (warning: minor spoilers):

ANNND we're starting. Press play! #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

They actually teach little kids songs like this in North Korea. #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

I kept thinking "wow, eminem's a good actor." then I would remember he starred in a whole movie. #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

Eminem actually wrote that rap. #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

Ben Schwartz busting on into the control room as Em's publicist. Guy is awesome. Great writer too. #theinterview @Sethrogen

— Evan Goldberg (@evandgoldberg) December 28, 2014

The publicist is kiiiiiinda based on my actual publicist. #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

It was really hard to make sure @RobLowe wasn't a super handsome bald guy. We kinda pulled it off. #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

We filmed the movie in Vancouver, where me and @evandgoldberg are from. That's the Vancouver Art Gallery we're in front of. #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

If I had known that there's a good change John Kerry would have to watch this movie one day, I wouldn't have kept that joke. #TheInterview

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) December 28, 2014

Franco 100% looks like Jack Nicholson in the 90s Batman as the Joker in this scene #theinterview @Sethrogen

— Evan Goldberg (@evandgoldberg) December 28, 2014

Me and @JamesFrancoTV are both MASSIVE LOTR fans and once we started with the jokes we couldn't stop. #TheInterview

— Evan Goldberg (@evandgoldberg) -- For more information read the original article here.
After a very public admonition by President Barack Obama, Sony Pictures released The Interview to Google Play, YouTube, the PlayStation and Xbox stores and now iTunes, to say nothing of over 300 independent theaters across the United States in time f... -- For more information read the original article here.
Apple's still the king of Christmas when it comes to gadgets, but new holiday data reveals some intriguing new trends. iPhones and iPads accounted for over half (51 percent) of new devices activated during Christmas week, but Microsoft's Lumia device... -- For more information read the original article here.
China has blocked Gmail, preventing users in the country from accessing the email service, according to reports. Starting from December 26, Chinese authorities have reportedly added Gmail URLs to the "Great Firewall," in what is believed to be an attempt by the country's government to reduce Gmail and Google's prominence in the region, on top of earlier censorship efforts....

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