You Won’t Be Able To Find The Four Circles In This Photo Without Getting A Headache

This optical illusion is making its way around the internet today.

Take a look:

There are only four circles here and they don’t touch. C’mon brain you can do this.

โ€” Kyle Hill (@Sci_Phile) December 19, 2014

No really, stare at this photo a little longer. You’re supposed to be able to see the four circles (and yes, there are only four.)

Can you see them?

They’re there:

Optical Illusion

Now do you see them?

Optical Illusion

We didn’t think so.

Here’s why you have a headache trying to find the circles looking at this photo, dubbed the “Intertwining Illusion.”

It’s actually the tilt of the squares in the photo that are throwing off your peripheral vision. Even though the squares form rings, it’s the tilt of those squares that creates the illusion of a spiral.

The offset between the black squares in one ring with the black squares in neighboring rings also creates the perception of a spiral, as does the offset between the white squares in adjacent rings,” explains

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