iPhone owners: Have you ever noticed sometimes when you receive a call you have an option to swipe to answer, while other times you're given "accept" and "decline" buttons?

We saw this tweet on Friday and it got us thinking.


— FREDDY (@FreddyAmazin) February 27, 2015

We realized we'd seen both variations before, but didn't know why sometimes we saw one and not the other. We set out to find the answer ourselves.

First, I had my colleague Jillian, who is has an iPhone, call me.


We wanted to see if it would make a difference if the person calling you was in your contacts, so I had another colleague, Steven, who also has an iPhone but isn't in my contacts, give me a ring.

iphone screenshot

Negative. Did it make a difference if someone with a non-iPhone was the caller? Our front page editor Matt checked.

iphone screenshot

Nope! We got the slider again.

At this point, we gave up and did what we should have just done from the beginning and Googled it.

Turns out this is a pretty common question and the answer is pretty simple: If your iPhone is locked when you receive a call, as mine was, you'll be shown a slider to answer the call, with no option to ignore it. If your phone's unlocked, you'll get the option to either dismiss or accept the call.

iphone screenshot

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A new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center is being created under the auspices of the director of national intelligence.

The center will serve a similar function for cyber as the National Counterterrorism Center does for terrorism, Lisa Monaco, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, said during a keynote speech at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

A Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency image represents DARPA's High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems program, which seeks to create technology for constructing systems that are functionally correct and satisfy safety and security properties. (Department of Defense Graphic/Released)

The NCTC, established in 2004, puts into action a 9/11 Commission recommendation — to break “the older mold of national government organizations” and “be a center for joint operational planning and joint intelligence, staffed by personnel from the various agencies.”

“No single government entity,” Monaco said, “is responsible for producing coordinated cyber threat assessments, ensuring that information is shared rapidly among existing cyber centers and other [government] elements, and supporting the work of operators and policymakers with timely intelligence about the latest cyber threats and threat actors.”

New Center Intended to Fill Gaps

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, she added, is intended to fill these gaps, analyzing and integrating information already collected under existing authorities, and is intended to enable centers that already perform cyber functions to do their jobs more effectively.

President Barack Obama's new budget backs up the commitment to fight cyber threats with $14 billion to protect critical infrastructure, government networks and other systems, Monaco said.

Safeguarding Americans online, she added, requires that the government work with the private sector “to enhance the security of what has become a vast cyber ecosystem.”

A Precondition of Success

Though the private sector shouldn't rely on the government to solve its cybersecurity problems, the government won't leave the private sector to fend for itself, Monaco said, calling partnership a precondition of success.

“To the private sector, we've made it clear that we will work together,” she added. “We're not going to bottle up our intelligence. If we have information about a significant threat to a business, we're going to do our utmost to share it.”

Within 24 hours of learning about the Sony Pictures Entertainment attack, Monaco said, the U.S. government pushed out information and malware signatures to the private sector to update its cyber defenses.

“We want this flow of information to go both ways,” she said.

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The last chapter of Aereo has nearly been written, with the conclusion of its bankruptcy sale. Falling far short of a peak $34 million expected, the company's asset auction concluded at $2 million. TiVO was the main winner, capturing the trademark, the customer list, and other assets. Patent aggregator RPX purchased the company's patents, with equipment being scattered amongst many bidders....

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Apple CEO Tim Cook will give the keynote address to graduates at George Washington University this May, the university announced today. Cook will speak on May 17 on the National Mall and was nominated for the honor by students earlier this year. The university also plans to give Cook an honorary doctorate of public service.

"I am delighted that Tim Cook has accepted our invitation to give this year's commencement address on the National Mall," George Washington President Steven Knapp said. "I know our graduating students will be inspired and enlightened by his reflections on the lessons he has garnered from his distinguished career as a highly effective leader at the forefront of technological innovation."
Cook's last commencement speech took place in 2010, at his alma mater Auburn University. At the time, Cook was Apple's Chief Operating Officer, and he took the opportunity to call working at Apple "the best decision I ever made." He gave a moving speech that emphasized the importance of intuition and how it led him to Apple.

Previous commencement speakers at George Washington University have included actress Kerry Washington, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, First Lady Michelle Obama, former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush, and Hillary Clinton.

It is not clear if a live stream of Cook's commencement address will be available, but George Washington University does typically share videos of its commencement events on Vimeo shortly after they take place.

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The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted in favor by a 3-to-2 decision to enforce net neutrality rules that it claims will help protect freedom of expression and innovation on the Internet, reports Ars Technica. The FCC ruling classifies broadband service as a utility and prevents Internet providers from blocking or throttling traffic or offering prioritized service through so-called Internet "fast lanes" for payment.
"The Internet is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet. It is simply too important to be left without rules and without a referee on the field," said FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. "Think about it. The Internet has replaced the functions of the telephone and the post office. The Internet has redefined commerce, and as the outpouring from four million Americans has demonstrated, the Internet is the ultimate vehicle for free expression. The Internet is simply too important to allow broadband providers to be the ones making the rules."
The ruling will reclassify fixed and mobile broadband as a telecommunications service, and Internet providers will be regulated under Title II of the Communications Act. The decision was heavily contested by Internet service providers such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, which could sue the FCC in an attempt to reverse the new rules. FCC officials believe that Type II reclassification will give them more legal authority to prevent net neutrality rules from being overturned.

While the new requirements are intended to ensure that the Internet remains fast, fair and open, the FCC did not follow through with last-mile unbundling that would have required Internet service providers to sell wholesale access to their networks. That decision would have allowed new competitors to enter local markets and sell broadband service using the existing infrastructure of larger providers such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable.
"But the FCC decided not to impose unbundling," adds Ars Technica. "As such, the vote does little to boost Internet service competition in cities or towns. But it's an attempt to prevent incumbent ISPs from using their market dominance to harm online providers, including those who offer services that compete against the broadband providers' voice and video services."
The FCC's order on Thursday could be faced with legal challenges and action from Congress, according to the report, suggesting that debate surrounding net neutrality is far from over. The new rules will go into effect 60 days after being published in the U.S. Federal -- For more information read the original article here.
Apple on Thursday removed the beta tag from its Apple ID creation tool, granting anyone, on any platform access to access to the iWork for iCloud Web-based productivity suite. -- For more information read the original article here.
Apple today updated its website to notify users that it plans to live stream its Monday, March 9 media event that will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The event will be broadcast on Apple's Live website and it will also be available on the Apple TV via a dedicated channel. MacRumors will be providing live coverage of the event as well, both on MacRumors.com and on the MacRumorsLive Twitter account for those unable to watch Apple's live stream.

The March 9 event, which kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, is expected to focus on the Apple Watch. Apple will likely unveil new details about the device that have been previously kept under wraps, including information on pricing, battery life, and accessory options. We may also get a concrete release date. Apple may also debut other products at the event, like the rumored 12-inch Retina MacBook Air.

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The bid protestors contend the contract re-up is an improper sole-source request for cloud services that would give VMware an unfair advantage competing for DOD's growing cloud demand. -- For more information read the original article here.
DOD's procurement team has established a “competitive range” for the contract, leaving only bids from three teams remaining. -- For more information read the original article here.
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