Tesla May Have Already Begun Delivering Its Car Of The Future (TSLA)

Tesla Motors’ latest car, the dual-motor Model S sedan, may have already begun shipping to customers, according to a Tesla investor who posted on Reddit.

The unnamed investor linked to a Tesla Motors Club forum, specifically a thread tracking deliveries of the latest car. One user uploaded a picture of the new car (shown here, on the left) — the highest-end model, the P85D — sitting next to another Tesla Model S in a parking lot.

The user claims the car was spotted at Sunday’s Motor4Toys event in Woodland Hills, Calif.

We’ve reached out to Tesla Motors to verify that the company has in fact begun shipping its new car.

The new dual-motor Model S was unveiled in October. It comes with improved speed and acceleration, and a new “Autopilot” feature that can read speed limit signs and keep your car in its lane without your hands on the wheel.

Tesla initially said it would begin shipping its new dual-motor Model S in December.

If you want to learn more about the new Tesla sedan, check out the five biggest improvements in the P85D, and check out the must-see demo video of the car’s “Autopilot” feature in action.

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