Google Buzz: To Picasa, Twitter and Beyond!

Google released it’s new Google Buzz two days ago. It is a new “social” aspect to it’s widely used Gmail site. If you have a Gmail account it should show up in the left hand column above your folders. If it’s not there you can probably expect it soon. They are rollling it out in the next couple of days.

I waited to play with it a couple of days before I posted anything. So, now that I have been playing with it, I think this might work. I say that because it integrates into the things that I am already using, such as Google Reader, Twitter and Picassa. Most importantly, it’s seamless. It just works. If someone shares a story on Google Reader, it’s there. If I share a story, it’s there. If it send a Tweet, it’s there. I think the truth is that I will use it by mistake. In my everyday visits and shares it works and I see comments that folks make on anything I sent all within my gmail box that I already have open, and by simply replying to their comments I am using it and that is why it works. I don’t have to create a new account, I don’t have to remember another password and username combination, I don’t have to learn a new Web app, it pretty seamless.


I have also used the mobile version of it on my iphone, and it works great. very seamless. While I am using my Google Reader on my phone I can click on a Buzz icon in the top right corner of the screen and the Google Buzz screen comes up to allow me to send out a Buzz.


There is another important note to talk about when it comes to Google Buzz. If your profile is public, then all of your followers/following will be visible to all including their email addresses if their profiles are public as well. I think more than anything this is bringing to light something that those of us that have had Google profiles already shared, but if you don’t want your buzzes visible then you can modify your settings in your Google profile. Beyond that, when you create a new buzz you have the option of just sharing it with your following or to make it public.

Try it, you probably already have without even knowing it.

Below is the video of the announcement by Google.

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