Water, the power of Liquipel repels you!

20130111-084059.jpgIf you’ve ever gotten into the shower with your iPhone in your pocket and it got ruined from water damage I’ve got two things for you:

1. Stop drinking
2. If you’re phone was treated with Liquipel it would still be working

Liquipel is a company who was here at CES last year but they really weren’t ready for orders at the time they were basically showing off their technology. Basically what they do is put your phone or other electronic device in a gas chamber (don’t worry the phone doesn’t feel a thing) and the gas creates a nano barrier to make your device waterproof. I know what you’re thinking “Les were you at the booth with free beer?” well yes, but that is besides the point. To be honest I didn’t believe it until I saw it either. I shot a quick video of an iPhone underwater so you can see that I am not making this up:

At $59 for the treatment I think this is a pretty nice product. For more info go to their website at www.liquipel.com.

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