iOS 7 Lock Screen Vulnerability Discovered, Gives Access To Photos And Social Sharing



Vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS lock screens have become a fixture of new iOS releases over the past few years. And iOS 7 is not exempt, as a new method for bypassing the passcode on a lock screen has been discovered by idle hands and reported by Forbes’ Andy Greenberg.

The lock screen bypass method involves sliding up Control Center, tapping on the timer button, holding down your power button until the cancel option comes up. You then tap on the cancel button then double-tap the home button. This gives you access to the multitasking UI. While most apps are locked out, the Camera option is accessible.

This allows you to access the camera interface, but with the ability to scroll through all of the user’s photos, not just the ones shot in the time since the phone was last locked — in the manner that the camera has worked for some time now.

Not only can you scroll through the photos, but you can also tap on the share button to send photos out via email or social channels like Twitter or Facebook. So once you’re in you can post photos to flickr or send them …read more

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