In its new generation of tablet hybrid hardware, Microsoft renamed its lower-end, ARM-based Surface device, calling it the Surface 2. It kept its prior Surface Pro branding in place. Why ditch the original Surface RT name? As you expected, consumers didn’t get what it meant.

Speaking recently with ARN, an Australian publication, Jack Cowett – a Microsoft employee who works on Surface marketing – stated that there was “some confusion in the market last year on the difference between Surface RT and Surface Pro.” That’s correct.

To combat that issue, the Surface RT has been rebranded as the Surface 2. Frankly, I wonder why Microsoft didn’t just call it the Surface. There isn’t, so far as I can tell, any ‘connection’ between the phrases ‘Surface 2′ and ‘Surface Pro.’

It can be said that Surface 2 is a more consumer-friendly name that Surface RT, given that the public is very accustomed to sequentially numbered products (films, albums, etc). And, Microsoft had done reasonably well with its Surface Pro set of devices, meaning that it likely didn’t want to disturb a working brand. Calling the Surface 2 just the Surface would negate the RT entirely, which – as it continues — For more information read the original article here.

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