Enterprises Take Off Their Hadoop Training Wheels

The dirty little secret of Hadoop has been just how dull many of its tasks have been. By far the biggest use for Hadoop to date has been as a “poor person’s ETL“—that is, a form of data integration, at the risk of oversimplifying—rather than all the big, sexy data science we see constantly hyped.

But that’s changing. As a new Sand Hill Group survey reveals, a significant percentage of enterprises are moving beyond Hadoop’s mundane past to leverage it for advanced analytics.

Hadoop 101

This shouldn’t be too surprising. Hadoop is still new to most companies, with 47% of respondents in Sand Hill Group’s survey citing a lack of Hadoop skills, coupled with a shortage of talent to hire (21%) as top challenges inhibiting their Hadoop ambitions. It’s impossible to move from beginner to expert in the few seconds it takes to download Hadoop.

Compounding this problem, Hadoop has not traditionally been the most approachable system to use. Enterprises have been willing to muddle through its complexities, however, because it so dramatically lowers the cost profile of a Big Data project, given that it’s powerful open-source software running on commodity servers. While Hadoop is becoming easier to use, it still — For more information read the original article here.    

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