Mobile Developers Find More Opportunity, And Money, In Enterprise Over Consumer Apps

Credit: VisionMobile 2013

While mobile developers may hope to strike it rich with the next Candy Crush Saga, the reality is that enterprise developers stand to make four times as much money building mobile apps than consumer-oriented developers do, according to research from VisionMobile. While money isn’t everything, especially in developer land, for those interested in making a buck, consumer may be the wrong option for mobile developers.

Consumer Gets The Developer Love

Given the boom in consumer mobile, it’s not surprising that developers have been flocking to it, as VisionMobile’s survey shows:

Credit: VisionMobile 2013

Apple has stoked this consumer fever, touting $10 billion in developer payments and over 50 billion downloads from its popular App Store. Google, for its part, has also been minting money for developers, while foregoing some cash by shutting down some mobile advertising practices that made the Android mobile experience somewhat spammy.

The consumer, in other words, is king for both major mobile platforms.

Enterprise: Boring And Profitable

Or is it? The problem, as ReadWrite’s Dan Rowinski noted earlier this year, “building apps for consumers is a very hit-or-miss business.” For every Temple Run there are countless — For more information read the original article here.    

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