These 12 Mind-Blowing Space Images Just Won A Photography Competition

Last week, the winners were announced for the prestigious 2014 Astronomy Photography of the Year competition. Photographers competed to place in seven categories, as well as to be named the overall winner.

British photographer James Woodend took the top prize for his photograph, “Aurora over a Glacier Lagoon,” taken in Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park, seen above. Besides honor, Woodend also won £1,500, or about $2,450.

Other winning photographs depict eclipses, galaxies, the Sun, the Milky Way. All of the selected photos will be on display in an exhibition put on by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, who also presented the competition.

This photo, named runner up in the “Deep Space” category, was taken by David Fitz-Henry from Australia. He photographed the Helix Nebula, one of the closest planetary nebula to Earth, which resembles an eye “looking across 700 light years of space,” as the photos caption puts it.

The winning photograph, taken by Bill Synder, is a stunning shot of the Horsehead Nebula. Snyder chose a wider angle for the shot, further depicting the awe-inducing scale of this massive form.

In the category of “Our Solar System,” the runner up was this image by George Tarsoudis of Tycho, a crater on our moon which can be seen easily from Earth and boasts a diameter of 53 miles.

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