REPORT: Apple May Release Its Watch In March (AAPL)

Apple may release its first Apple Watch by the end of March, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reports.

Citing sources familiar with Apple’s retail plans, Gurman says Apple will ask one or two representatives from each US Apple Store (depending on the size and market) to visit Apple’s corporate offices in California or Texas in early February, in order to train those employees on how to describe the watch and sell all its features.

Then, those employees will return to their respective cities and train their fellow Apple Store colleagues in the days leading up to the Apple Watch’s public release date.

Gurman states “March is the current plan,” but that could change due to unforeseen delays in manufacturing and software development.

Gurman has been accurate and reliable in the past when it comes to Apple rumors — he clearly has viable sources within the company — so there’s no reason to believe Apple won’t have its Watch out by late March or early April barring any hiccups between now and then.

Apple plans to sell three versions of the Apple Watch: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition, which will all have their own distinctive wristbands available for purchase. Apple says the most basic Apple Watch will cost $349, but official pricing has not yet been announced.

Here’s more about the Apple Watch’s features.


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