Apple what the hell is going on?

Apple, have you lost your way?

I am a little disappointed at the latest app that Apple has decided to pull from the App store. They have pulled 4 apps in the last week. First it was Netshare (luckily I grabbed that one) which its only fault was to give a much needed/wanted function to the iPhone, tethering. Then it was BoxOffice, not sure what that was about. Then there was I Am Rich, ok that one I get. Today, I open up my fresh copy of Google Reader just to find out that Apple has pulled PhoneSaber from the App store!?! Um…What!?!

How could you Apple? How could you deny the hordes of Star Wars fans the sheer joy and pleasure of pretending that their iPhone is a lightsaber? What happened Steve, were you embarassed by a couple of guys pretending they were in a lightsaber fight with their iPhones at the Apple Campus? Maybe, Woz challenged you to a virtual duel and kicked your butt!

Ok, actually THQ wireless asked TheMacBox (the makers of PhoneSaber) to pull it since they own the rights to Star Wars wireless development. But I like my story better. I can see it now …Woz comes in to see Steve and whips out his PhoneSaber and does his best impression of Darth Vader “Steve….I am your father.” I love my version!

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