15 Trippy ass websites for you, favorite for later!


Let’s kick this off with something pretty freaky. This incorporates your webcam into play, which makes it slightly more terrifying. Don’t let the thumbnail fool you, it gets about as fucked up as my parents’ marriage. http://anasomnia.com/ Trippiness: 8/10

Zoom Quilt

Approximately 88 different photos all blend into one, in this seemingly endless website. This leaves you in a state similar to my uncle at a preschool playground: staring, drooling, and moaning. http://zoomquilt2.madmindworx.com/zoomquilt2.swf Trippiness: 7/10

Boohbah Zone

So apparently, this is a TV show on PBS. The same network that airs Bob Ross, and Caillou, a show about a little kid with cancer. So basically, everyone at PBS is on shrooms. And so are 50% of the people who went on these sites, so that’s ok. http://www.boohbah.tv/zone.html Trippiness: 5/10

Creepy Girl

Fucking Asians. I don’t know why this was made, but it should be gone forever. Prepare for nightmares. http://www.cubo.cc/creepygirl/ Trippiness: 3/10


No, this has nothing to do with the movie. Although, it’s equally as entertaining, if not more. There is no possible way to explore all this site has to offer, the links are — For more information read the original article here.

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