The Hottest New Job Title In Silicon Valley: ‘Spy’

Headphones NSA Spy

Cybersecurity engineers from government spy and defense agencies are fleeing DC for Silicon Valley.

Now more than ever, tech companies need the skill sets that the elite engineers working for the NSA, CIA and Department of Defense can offer, The Information reports.

And it’s an attractive deal for those engineers, too, who get to move to sunny California for a high-paying gig in a fast-moving, nonbureaucratic environment.

Cyber-security companies and startups like FireEye and always need more talented engineers joining their troops, but even non-cybersecurity companies like Facebook, Google and Zynga want people that can help them protect their data and infrastructure from hostile attacks.

“There are brilliant graduates coming from MIT and Stanford, but they tend to be young, optimistic and insufficiently paranoid,” chief executive of Chris Risley told The Information. “The people who think the way we need them to think are coming out of the government or traditional government contractors.”

Risley has recruited more than half his engineering department from such sources.

But just because more engineers are finding their way to Silicon Valley, doesn’t mean the government is wasting its investment on those people. The government buys security products — For more information read the original article here.    

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